Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot (MiFi) with a OneSimCard and 1000 MB Airtime for Only $99.95!

For a very limited time, OneSimCard is offering a premium MiFi device along with a OneSimCard Plus OR OneSimCard Europe & More and 1000 MB of “Super Select” data for just $99.95! Use the MiFi to connect up to 10 users to super fast 3G services up to 21 Mb per second! The MiFi easily fits in your pocket and operates for up to 6 hours without recharge. In addition, the MiFi works with both LOCKED and UNLOCKED phones! To check the countries included in the “Super Select” data packages, please go to : OneSimCard Plus Super Select Data Counties or OneSimCard Europe & More Super Select Data Countries.

To purchase the bundle,  please go to and click Buy Now. During the checkout process you will be able to choose your SIM type (Plus or Europe & More) and add additional airtime if you wish. Buy now as this is a limited time offer!