Should Enterprises use International Roaming SIM cards?

When many people consider International Roaming SIM cards they usually are searching for ways to save money on their next vacation. It is certainly true that International Roaming SIM cards, like OneSimCard, are fantastic tools to reduce the telecommunications cost of vacation by about 85%, but in many ways businesses and enterprises of all sizes have even more to gain by using International Roaming SIMs. The 3 key gains are cost savings, quality of service and ease of use.

Let’s begin with cost savings. OneSimCard offers data packages which bring down the international roaming cost per MB to less than $0.02. When using voice services, incoming calls are FREE in over 160 countries. The major carriers’ data cost are many times more expensive than OneSimCard and their voice rates are much higher too and they always charge for both incoming and outgoing calls. International Roaming SIMs like OneSimCard clearly offer excellent saving, but this is only the beginning of their advantages.

OneSimCard roams on many different networks in each country. The chosen network at any given time is the one providing the best signal strength and coverage. OneSimCard usually has at least 2 network partners in each country and often many more. This is very different from the major telecoms who just put their international roamers on their main partner network. When roaming with OneSimCard, you are assured the best quality service and coverage available in your destination country. The major carriers are not able to make this guarantee.

Finally, OneSimCard offer enterprises an outstanding administrative portal which allows easy management of thousands of individual SIM cards. OneSimCard corporate accounts also feature pooled account balances, full control of deployed SIM cards and easy addition of airtime and data packages. Enterprises considering an international roaming SIM should also keep in mind that they do offer “Direct Dial” calling and most GSM devices are now “Dual SIM.” “Dual SIM” devices with 2 SIM slots can easily accommodate the domestic SIM in one slot and the International Roam SIM in another slot. Both SIM cards will work automatically in this kind of phones and the user just pick the service that suits him the best.

Enterprises can and should use International Roaming SIMs like OneSimCard to substantially reduce their telecoms bill and enjoy much better international roaming services. In addition, OneSimCard is very easy to use for both cooperate administrators and travelers. International Roaming SIMs are certainly the best way to go for Enterprises.